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Elvis & Kresse Comms Assistant

Elvis & Kresse is a small team looking for an ambitious, energetic individual. This is primarily a customer service / general admin / marketing assistant role although the right candidate will be working directly with the business founders and should be keen to roll up their sleeves and help with the myriad of challenges facing a growing business. Excellent communication skills, verbal and written are crucial.

Core Activities

  • Handle all customer service queries – email, phone, direct
  • Working across social media – content contribution and replying to queries
  • Advising and serving drop-in customers
  • Help in the office with general admin
  • Participate in trade shows, events or general workshop activities as required
  • Accepting orders, liaising with their team regarding pricing, order times, delivery dates, and liaising with clients up to and beyond delivery
  • Assisting the workshop team during busy times – fulfilling orders, checking products etc

Key skills and attributes

  • Results oriented, obsessed with setting and achieving goals
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ambitious self-starter who can drive their own agenda
  • Keen to work in a small, growing business with a committed team
  • Understand the Elvis & Kresse brand vision, ability to act as a brand ambassador and articulate the ethos of the brand
  • Ability to live the values of the brand ensuring ethical sensitivities to trading and a knowledge of how this is fundamental to the roots of the business
  • Would love to get involved in all aspects of the business

About Elvis & Kresse 
Following a chance meeting with the London fire brigade in 2005, Elvis & Kresse discovered fire-hose. After a distinguished career of 25 years, fighting fires and saving lives, the damaged hose was simply sent to landfill.

Elvis & Kresse fell in love with those brave old hoses and mounted a rescue. The hose was too beautiful; it had too much left to give. Over the last 10 years, they have been transforming the hose into a range of luxury accessories and homeware. Honouring the hose means designing beyond a single season, ensuring lasting, classic design and a functional, wearable aesthetic that stands the test of time. They work with highly skilled craftspeople that build as much value as they can into every single piece they create.

The fire hose is simply one of the materials that Elvis & Kresse look to reincarnate in the spirit of sustainability and taking responsibility for the surplus of materials that we have on our small planet.

Join them on our journey to prove value, change perception and re-engineer tradition, they’re just getting started.

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