Electric Medway – Evaluation

‘Electric Medway’ was an ambitious 10-day arts programme which was held in a variety of locations, with free-to-see artworks and activities including virtual reality, streamed performances, animation, projection and sound.

'It enabled me to test a new idea to collaborate internationally without travelling.'

-Commissioned Artist

'We are so excited to see such talent in Medway! Please give us more.'

-Festival attendee

Funding allowed Electric Medway to increase ambition, take risks and make work at a bigger scale.

A mix of local (Medway), regional (Folkestone, Margate) and international (Brazil, Canada and USA) artists and creatives worked together on the project and they continue to collaborate. Additional partnerships were developed delivering art in everyday spaces.

Electric Medway gained confidence in working with international artists and in commissioning at scale.

Creatives Involved

Electric Medway Co-commissions in Numbers

708 people experienced new artworks across diverse settings including, Fort Amhurst, Medway piers, a shop front, and a Masonic Hall.


'A lot of my work has been London-based, or overseas tours, so it was great to point my focus in the opposite direction and experience so many marvelous things being made in Kent.'

Commissioned Artist