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Lyrici Arts Co-Commission

Lyrici Arts is a Black-led organisation creating theatre and arts programmes that amplify black and diverse stories, creating work and opportunities for local Medway residents. It believes in breaking down barriers and challenging inequalities that prevent people from participating in art that represents them, speaks with them, and involves them.

Lyrici Arts’ vision is to bring change to Medway to champion difference, so that it is a place where Black-led arts are flourishing with every resident able to embrace and feel empowered by culture.

A place where Black and diverse audiences are represented via the arts which are programmed in the area. A place where Black and diverse artists can live and obtain opportunities to make work.


Co-commissioned by Creative Estuary, Lyrici Arts will launch an academy in summer 2022 for four local Black heritage lyrical artists. The 2022 body of work is focused around HOMEWARD: Soul Food and spotlights four artists, working together to develop and create a collection of 20-minute performance pieces linked intrinsically with their lyrical talents. Artists will have access to industry mentorship, training, and profiling. They will also receive directing and producing support to perform in an 80-minute show together, which will be live-streamed and platformed in the autumn at theatres and community venues in Medway and Kent.

I AM THE REFEREE – Show Development

The co-commission supported the R&D phase of show development. Lyrici Arts were able to test and develop a draft script for a new play inspired by the book called ‘I Am The Referee’; which is the autobiography of Ian John-Lewis and written by Mark Heffernan.

For further information please visit the Lyrici Arts website:

Twitter: @LyriciArts
Instagram: @lyrici_arts
Facebook: @LyriciArts