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People Dem Collective – What’s the Legacy?

People Dem Collective – a community organisation based in Margate – will be connecting with audiences, artists, curators, and creative spaces throughout 2022 to explore the Black, Brown and Diaspora experience within arts commissioning and programming. The project is a Creative Estuary Co-commission – the initiative which aims to showcase 60 miles of the North Kent and South Essex region as one of the UK’s most dynamic and creative areas in the whole of the UK.

People will be able to connect with the conversation in a wide range of ways – through podcasts, panels, live case studies and events. There will be invitations to explore and reimagine what a new creative ecosystem might look like and how a best practice for commissioning and programming can be developed for real everlasting change and impact.

There will be three live panel events looking at ‘Black and Brown Led Community Organisations’, ‘Black and Brown Queer Programming’ and ‘The Future of Seaside Towns’, A series of Eco Walks curated by the transdisciplinary artist Christina Peake and a podcast series running from May-September. These will feature artists Geoffrey Chambers, Zena Edwards, Jason deCaires Taylor, James Johnson and Larry Achiampong. Along with organisations like Black Cultural Archives, Olby’s Soul Cafe, TOMA and Open School East among others. The work will then be showcased and findings revealed at a major conference hosted by People Dem Collective in September at Dreamland, Margate.

For further information on People Dem Collective please visit their website:
Instagram – @peopledemcollective
Facebook – People Dem Collective
Youtube – People Dem Collective
Twitter – @peopledemcollect1

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