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Brightside VR Sharing at A+E Lab

Join us for public sharing of a new Dance Spin Class VR experience, “Brightside VR”, by Leeds-based dance artist Lydia Cottrell!

This is a culmination of her VR residency at A+E Lab in partnership with The Place, London, within their Artist Development Program, Choreodrome.

Brightside VR is a celebration of feeling good in your own skin, the positive impact of exercise on mental health, and the belonging that can only be found sweating it out with a bunch of strangers. This dance spin class VR experience explores the world of ‘Generation Me’ soundtracked by a Millennial anthem. Join us to trail the first test version of this immersive fitness experience in the virtual world!


Date: Friday, 25 August, 17:00-19:00

Free registration & more info: