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Making Films: Producing directors, directing producers


Join our next Estuary Producers Network event exploring film and producing, led by Andy Delaney

Making Films: Producing Directors, Directing Producers

3 November 2021 3:30pm – 5pm FREE online zoom event


Join Andy Delaney to explore questions such as:

  • What does a film producer do?
  • What’s the relationship between a film director and a producer?
  • How do you prepare before a shoot once you’ve won your pitch?


Andy Delaney is a filmmaker from Leigh-on-Sea. He’s been making films since leaving college – award-winning music videos for George Michael, Lauryn Hill, the Spice Girls Maroon 5 along with tv commercials and documentaries.

2019 saw the release of his feature film ‘Love is Blind’ a ‘magic realist romcom’ starring Matthew Broderick, Chloe Sevigny, Aidan Turner and Shannon Tarbet.

Recently Andy set up to focus on artists, art institutions and schools. This allows him to work on projects that are more personal and heartfelt.

He shoots, edits and directs himself, working alongside a group of friends to create small films with big production values.


Estuary Producers Network The Estuary Producers Network (EPN) connects creative producers working across the creative industries in Essex and Kent. It is part of Creative Estuary. EPN offers an inclusive platform for producers from diverse professional contexts to share practice, opportunities and challenges, and develop links with potential collaborators and new partners. It offers a space for dialogue and exchange, championing an ethos of collegiality and co-operation. Estuary producers are innovators and instigators, and a key aim of the network is to increase visibility for producers and producing activities within the region.

The Estuary Producers Network will be running a series of informal facilitated conversation-based sessions aimed at sharing best practice and unpacking key questions. For the next few months events will remain online to enable access and keep everyone Covid-safe.

This network aims to bring together, develop and strengthen the incredible talent of creative practitioners along the Estuary, growing opportunities and creative practice for all involved.