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Tribal Colour – Vanishing Cultures (Photography show)


Award-winning local photographer Terry Mendoza will be holding his first public exhibition at The People’s Gallery, The Forum, Elmer Square all this May.

He will showcase his work with African tribes, photographing their portraits, customs and lifestyles.  This passion project, nearly five years in the making, has taken him well off the beaten track, camping in remote regions, and travelling barely used tracks or dry river beds to visit tribes. For many, this was their first encounter with a white face!

He explained: “Western influences, like the building of roads are rapidly obliterating tribal dress and customs. I have been documenting the amazing colour and diversity of these tribes before their culture disappears.”

“It is an honour and privilege to have spent time with these people – my enduring impression is how positive and cheerful they are, living a most spartan existence in, by Western standards, astonishingly hostile environments.  With my images, I want to share my emotional connection I’ve had with these tribes,  their sheer beauty, dignity and friendliness.”


Siri girl, Kibish Village Southern Ethiopia October 2022
Elderly Handa tribal woman - this style of dress is rapidly disappearing, and has been abandoned by the younger members of the tribe, Hoque Market, Huila Province, Angola October 2022
Kuval tribal woman with baby, showing her creativity with her ompata (headwear) Angola, June 2022