Our Towns, a Creative BasildON project, was an innovative street art initiative,  that brought several large-scale murals to the streets of Basildon town centre throughout the Summer of 2021.

Internationally acclaimed artist INSA created a new artwork focusing on Basildon’s ecology, shining a light on the near-threatened green-winged orchid frequently found in Basildon, transitioning into a cycle of life and death. The mural, situated on the disused M&S building in the centre of Basildon, inspired and encouraged conversations around climate, with a monumental art installation influenced by the local ecology and chosen by residents.


The legacy of the co-commission revolves around the carbon-absorbing paints used to create the mural, a series of workshops for local youth and the development of Basildon town’s first Voluntary Local Review.



  • Opportunity to produce a significant public artwork in the context of a street art festival
  • New ways of working and engaging with the public
  • Opportunities for local street artists to showcase work locally
  • Opportunities for local street artists to assist in the production of large-scale artwork with an international street artist


  • Engage physically and digitally with a significant artwork by a renowned international artist
  • Opportunities to engage and input in the selection process
  • Learning workshops for young people raising awareness of the environmental crisis
  • New digital engagement opportunities


  • New ways of community commissioning
  • Reached new audiences
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Generated public debate
  • Developed new partnerships

Out Towns: Climate in Numbers