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Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories was the first site-specific art and sound installation to be held at the Port of Tilbury in Essex and the UK dedicated to people of the Windrush Generation. It is an immersive visual art experience, installed on 432 panes of glass collaged with photographs, documents, original boat passenger tickets and memorabilia. The artwork is installed in an original passenger walkway 55 metres long. As you walk through, you can listen to audio stories about the lives of some of the elders whose images are featured in the installation.

'Thoroughly enjoyed the installation it was excellent. I hope schools will visit as it should be part of the curriculum.'

Installation Visitor

'Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories is an amazing exhibition it is the place to be. This exhibition is something special. I am really inspired.... I recommend everyone come and see this.'

– Benjamin Zephaniah Poet, musician, writer

Total audience figures through various live and online events, talks, documentaries, interviews, and screenings to show the work.

The number of school children brought to see the artwork on Windrush Day, increasing awareness of the historical significance of Tilbury Bridge.

Created publicity and positive responses from the community and partners who rallied to support the work and flocked to the installation after it was vandalised.

Creatives involved

Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories in numbers

It took 8 creative practitioners to create the installation which was viewed by nearly 8 million people through a variety of means.

An online video tour enabled Evewright Arts Foundation to reach international audiences

The commission enabled Evewright Arts Foundation to leverage additional funding

Enabled Evewright Arts Foundation to employ 8 Black freelancers and award several contracts to SMEs throughout the pandemic.

'This is real history. This is the history of Britain. This is the history that made us. It’s a great thing...It’s our thing.'

Benjamin Zephaniah Poet, musician, writer