Ebb and Flow Festival – Evaluation

A programme of events exploring the history and stories of the Chatham Intra region – from Sun Pier in Chatham, to Star Hill in Rochester.
Ebb & Flow celebrated the area’s people, buildings, river, and hidden stories. Exploring the past, present and future with a unique arts trail of community and artist created pieces, all hoping to spark interest in the rich history and fascinating stories of the area.

'I never knew that I lived in such an interesting area.'

Festival Attendee

'So lovely to see the area brought to life filled with colour and things to see and do. It has such potential - this is just the beginning. Thank you, EBB & FLOW!'

Festival Attendee

Funded 25 creative practitioners (based locally or with strong links to the area) during and after COVID 19 restrictions

Medway residents and members of the local community were invited to reflect on the changes witnessed by the ancient river, and what the future of the rapidly developing area of Intra holds.

Extended organisational networks and acted as a catalyst for collaborations with key organisations from the local arts and business ecosystem

Creatives involved

Ebb & Flow in numbers

Over 25 local artists developed and created a wide range of artworks for the festival, with art installations, public performances and workshop activities – all to spark interest in the rich history and fascinating stories of Chatham Intra.