‘SILTINGS’ – Evaluation

A creative programme featuring new artworks and performances created in response to the rich heritage, forgotten stories and hidden histories of Gravesham riverfront.


Eight artists worked with local communities to explore local stories and heritage.

LV21 engaged with new local businesses and organisations giving them the potential to build future partnerships

Raised artist profiles, especially with non-local, national audiences associated with Estuary Festival

Local audiences felt invited to be a part of a festival and programme of events

LV21 were able to created long-term relationships with creative practitioners and strengthened its role as a connector and supporter of local talent

The success will allow LV21 to build a case for future funding and increased individual artists’ confidence in applying for funding independently

Allowed LV21 to develop its offering for artists and shape its future residency programme

Creatives Involved

Siltings in numbers


The commissioned artists and performers worked with local people of all ages, embarking on a creative journey to discover, capture and bring to life the forgotten stories and histories of Gravesham that have over time, sunk deep into the riverbed.


'SILTINGS' gave LV21 greater visibility and increased reputation