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Estuary on Film

Screen South has partnered with Creative Estuary to set up the Estuary on Film Brand to shine a light on the emerging film talent in the Estuary area and promote the area as a great place to make films. The launch programme is the Estuary on Film Short co-commission of 4 short films under the Estuary on Film Brand.

The Estuary on Film Commissions is an aspirational regional talent development programme delivered by Screen South and produced in the Thames Estuary area. It offered emerging and existing filmmakers, based in the Estuary region, the opportunity to make a short film which presents unique stories and diverse perspectives from the region.

Screen South commissioned 4 high-quality, bold creative short films which have ignited a spark and reflect the diverse range of talent in the Estuary. Screen South worked with a range of partners to support engagement with emerging talent to support compelling and risk-taking content production. They provided inclusive high-level Development and Production expertise which benefited creatives, collaborators and crew – enhancing industry-level skills which have led to new opportunities.

This short film programme has had a significant impact on filmmakers and their creative teams’ career opportunities and the development of new audiences for their work. These talented Estuary-based filmmakers have enhanced their professional practice, consolidated skills and pushed the boundaries of creative work in ambitious, vibrant and challenging creative work.

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