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Estuary Sound Ark

The Estuary Sound Ark is a project that invites everyone in the Thames estuary region to contribute towards and help create a sonic composition responding to the sounds, music and voices that emerge from the landscape and communities of South Essex and North Kent. Exploring connections between time and place – this composition will form the basis of a specially formed sonic time capsule.

Presented by The Radiophonic Institute and co-designed and created by ten local young people, this unique project will explore the importance of sound, to help answer the questions: Which sounds are worth saving? What, or whose sounds might we not hear in 2122?

The project will culminate in the the world premiere of Estuary Sound Ark at the Gulbenkian Theatre on 1st October with a day and night of sound, music, discussion, DJing and performance. Presented by Radiophonic Institute creative director Matthew Herbert and featuring performances and workshops from Oram Awards winners NikNak and Magz Hall and many more special guests and collaborators.

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