EBB & FLOW Festival

EBB & FLOW Festival was a programme of events exploring the history and stories of the Chatham Intra region – from Sun Pier in Chatham, to Star Hill in Rochester.
A summary impact report is now available to view online.

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In early 2020, Creative Estuary commissioned four creative cultural projects with Estuary-based producers and artists, to contribute to the Associated Programme for Estuary 2021. The Ebb & Flow Festival is one of the commissions.

About the project
Ebb & Flow is a new arts programme and festival, produced by Sun Pier House and Intra Arts.

Working together, the two Medway arts organisations have curated a programme of events exploring the history and stories of the Chatham Intra region – from Sun Pier in Chatham, to Star Hill in Rochester.

Ebb & Flow celebrates the area’s people, buildings, river, and hidden stories. Exploring the past, present and future with a unique arts trail of community and artist created pieces, all hoping to spark interest in the rich history and fascinating stories of the area.

The 2021 festival programme is designed to be a self-led walk of discovery along this one mile section of High Street, for people to explore and learn about this amazing area. Taking place over the main festival weekend (21 – 23 May) will be; shop window art installations, pop up exhibitions, street performances, virtual reality experiences, geo-located walks accessed by your smartphone, Victorian wet plate photography experiences, history walks, immersive sound installations and more.

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The people behind the festival

Heather Burgess – Sun Pier House CIC, Director

Heather is Medway born and bred and enjoys creating positive change in her home towns. She has worked in arts management and events since graduating in 2008.

She founded Sun Pier House CIC in 2013 to support Medway’s unique creative culture. Sun Pier House offers a base for established and start-up artists to develop their practice, and delivers a varied exhibition and arts programme.


Xtina Lamb – Intra Arts Ltd, Director

Xtina is an artist living in Chatham and working in Rochester, north Kent. Her main art medium is printmaking and book art, but trained in fine art media and create works using a variety of techniques. Community engagement and public realm projects form a key part of her work.

In 2014 she founded arts venue ‘INTRA’. Here the public has access to a wide range of specialist artist-owned equipment, including a printmaking studio, kilns for glass, craft equipment and many other tools, as well as welcoming workspaces where they run creative classes.


The artists

Wendy Daws http://wendydaws.co.uk/

MESS ROOM http://www.messroom.org.uk/

Xtina Lamb, Intra Arts Ihttps://intraarts.org/

Dizzy O’ Dare http://www.dizzyodare.com/

Tiller & Wheel CIC – www.tillerandwheel.com

Jane Pitt – https://soundcloud.com/jane-pitt/

Nicola Flower – http://www.nicolaflower.co.uk/

David Frankum www.daveyf.co.uk

Medway Dance Network https://www.facebook.com/MedwayDanceNetwork/

Robert Flood and City of Rochester Society http://www.city-of-rochester.org.uk/

Laura Fisher – https://www.facebook.com/LFisherFoto 

Minimus https://www.facebook.com/theminimus/

Rikard Osterlund https://www.hldarkroom.com/

Deadman’s Island, https://www.facebook.com/dmsisland/

Natasha Steer, Creatabot – www.creatabot.co.uk /

SparkedEcho – http://sparkedecho.org/intra-2121

Kalika’s Armour http://www.kalikasarmour.com/

Visit the festival and find out more

Activities are taking place throughout May with the main festival weekend on 21-23 May 2021, as part of Estuary 2021. ​


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