Hoo Docks and Canada Geese Photo Jonathan Juniper© Jonathan Juniper

Estuary 2021

30 Days of Art, Music, Literature and Film celebrating the Thames Estuary.

Set to be one of the biggest cultural events in the South East, Estuary 2021, from Saturday 22 May to Sunday 13 June 2021, is a large-scale arts festival celebrating and acknowledging the lives, landscapes and histories of this spectacular region.

The festival launched in 2016 to great acclaim with 55 events from 265 artists, reaching more than 100,000 people.  Its second edition will take place Spring 2021 on the river itself and along the South Essex and North Kent coastline.

Encapsulating the region’s industrial heartland, national heritage sites, protected marshlands, and port towns, the festival will explore powerful themes resonant to the Estuary including industrialisation vs environmental protection, military and imperial legacies, and climate emergency.

The month-long programme will include art installations, exhibitions, discussions and film screenings, as well as artist-led walks and field trips to introduce new audiences to the diverse culture of the estuary.

The festival is led by estuary-based arts organisations Metal (South Essex) and Cement Fields (North Kent) working in partnership with a wide range of artists, arts organisations, local authorities, river agencies and businesses.

Programme for Estuary 2021 will be announced in Autumn 2020.

‘A festival that brilliantly matches the intention to the amazing site and constantly keeps culture and the community / social in perfect balance. So much so that I think anyone who encountered it will now think of the festival as much as the place (as part of the place) when the word comes to mind.’

Estuary 2016 visitor

Hoo Docks and Canada Geese Photo Jonathan Juniper© Jonathan Juniper

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