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Ideas Labs and Leaders

Using the best minds to grow the region

Stretching 60 miles along the North Kent and South Essex coastline, The Estuary has an unrivalled network of creative talent and academic resources to learn from.

We intend to draw on the expertise of our university partners, entrepreneurs and creative experts to ensure our region grows as one of the most forward-thinking and innovative production hubs in the world. Bringing together academics, technologists, businesses and cultural professionals, our network of innovation leaders will share knowledge and explore culture-led solutions to contemporary issues across the Estuary.

A series of Ideas Labs will be programmed, bringing together individuals and groups who would not usually find other opportunities to interact, such as academics, artists, business owners, charities and young people.

These facilitated events, taking place in Essex and Kent, will have unique themes to stimulate collaborative ideas, generate new fundable projects for commission, meet challenges facing the industries and/or workforce, and consider the environment and wellbeing of those living, working and visiting the Estuary.

It is envisaged that the Ideas Labs will produce collaborative project proposals to be unveiled in learning summits planned for wider audiences and stakeholders.


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