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Estuary place promotion

Giving the Estuary an identity. The Estuary has a story to tell, and we must make sure it is heard.

We are developing a compelling new place brand for the Estuary to enable both stakeholders and residents to share our vision consistently, passionately and confidently.

Following the lead of other international culture-rich cities and regions, we will create a standout identity for the Estuary to position it as one of the world’s leading creative hubs.

This will be accompanied by an inspiring brand narrative that represents the area’s diverse communities and incorporates authentic local voices, to help people both understand the scope of our project and communicate it further.

The brand’s vision and values will be built on feedback from stakeholder workshops and audience research studies, and be fed by authentic user generated content from the people living, working and learning in the area, to ensure the brand reflects the spirit and aspirations of the Estuary’s people.

The brand campaign will be supported by a wide-spread promotional campaign including advertising, PR, events, our website and social media channels, with a new bank of high quality of images, content and video from across the Estuary, for the public and press to share.

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