Creative Estuary #MyEstuaryStory By Simon RyanBy Simon Ryan


Help us tell the Estuary story!

We at Creative Estuary are building a record of the Thames Estuary area and what makes it special. If you have a connection with the area, then tell us your story.

Give us a sense of your place.

What is your town or locality like? How would you describe it? What about it inspires you – people, history, landscape, the Estuary itself? We want you to help us because we can’t visit everywhere ourselves under current circumstances.

The Thames Estuary area includes Basildon, Canterbury, Castle Point, Dartford, Gravesham, Medway, Southend, Swale, Thanet and Thurrock.

You can write a few lines, a poem, a photo story or even a video. Keep it personal and say why the Thames Estuary area is special to you. From family to landmarks, nature to heritage and everything in between.

Be as creative as you like. For example, whilst enjoying the outdoors in your local area and following Government guidelines, can you document what you see around you and what it means to you?

Tell us a unique story.

Submission guidelines:

  1. Choose your medium — Written word, video or image. You can use more than one.
  2. Choose your platform — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  3. Make sure you have read the terms on the website:
  4. On Twitter and Instagram post your story with the hashtags #MyEstuaryStory and #CreativeEstuary. On Facebook add your story to the #MyEstuaryStory project page. Also add in a hashtag for your location, e.g. #Canterbury
  5. Don’t forget to tag anyone mentioned or featured
  6. Keep an eye on our streams for other #MyEstuaryStory examples
  7. Share the #MyEstuaryStory call-out with as many people as possible
Creative Estuary #MyEstuaryStory By Simon RyanBy Simon Ryan

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