‘Ten Pound Poms: From Tilbury Port to Port Adelaide’ – Evaluation

Essex Cultural Diversity Project

Essex Cultural Diversity Project commissioned Time Will Tell Theatre to create a new participatory theatre piece to tell the stories of the Ten Pound Poms, many of whom left England from Tilbury Port to travel to Port Adelaide.

This commission worked with communities in Essex and Australia to create a promenade piece of performance around the sites of the Tilbury Port and Port Adelaide, exploring stories of the Ten Pound Poms against a wider background of people throughout history dreaming of travel, of far-off places, success and happiness, excitement and fulfillment, with a strong focus on to the two key locations.

Organisational successes

  • Created new creative global partnerships: ECDP’s first major international co-commission performance lead project working with a range of partners, funders, and stakeholders
  • Strengthened local partnerships

  • Increased ECDP’s reach, influence and ability to undertake more high-profile commissions and projects providing diverse artists in the UK with unique opportunities and exploring relevant subjects (including migration around the Ten Pound Poms commission with partners in Adelaide)

  • Organisational confidence building


The commission presented national and regional heritage and history in site-specific locations.


Engaged with diverse audiences and local history groups from Gravesend Kent, Thurrock, Southend and wider Essex


Supported a theatre company to tour internationally for the first time.

Creatives involved

Ten Pound Poms: From Tilbury Port to Port Adelaide in Numbers

The commission funded one theatre company specialising in site-specific historical theatre, five creative practitioners and created opportunities for local freelance actors.