Credit Kat Pegler

Estuary Sound Ark Youth Generators

In 2022 The Radiophonic Institute have undertaken a major collaborative project across the Thames Estuary. We have called out for submissions of sound, from people living and working in the Estuary region, looking for sounds that may not exist in 100 years’ time. We have also asked 9 young creatives known as the ‘Youth Generators’ to undertake their own sound journeys – through collecting 100 sounds and using those as the basis of a new creative work. The 9 young people will be supported through skills, training and mentoring as part of the project. The submitted sounds will be used to create the Sound Ark, which will comprise the following elements: 

A new publication featuring work from local Poets – early career from the widest lived experience – responding to the sounds/ and text received 

A new longform commissioned composition from Matthew Herbert 

9 short new compositions from young people 

An archive of over 2000 sounds  

These outcomes will then be formed into a vessel – an Ark – which will be designed by a local maker (with the support of volunteers) to contain all elements as a sound capsule. A public sharing of the Ark will be presented to the public on the 27th of November at Gulbenkian Arts Centre. 

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Credit Kat Pegler
Estuary Sound Ark Event 2 - Credit Lasting Impressions by Hayley
Estuary Sound Ark Event 3 - Credit Lasting Impressions by Hayley
Estuary Sound Ark Event. Credit - lasting impressions by Hayley

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