Lasting Impressions by Hayley

Estuary Ventures

Drawing on our aim to create new, innovative and aspirational opportunities for young people to receive a route into creative industries, Re:Generation 2031 have delivered a pilot creative entrepreneurship programme, Estuary Ventures, in partnership with Kent Business School and Creative Mentor Network. This programme was aimed at supporting FE college leavers with developing and launching a creative business or practise. 

ASPIRE (Accelerator Space for Innovation and Responsible Enterprise) at Kent Business School facilitated a series of practical, interactive and engaging workshops with students at Mid Kent College. These workshops included: 

  • Sharing opportunities which self-employment offer 
  • Increasing knowledge about how to start a business 
  • Enabling the development of key skills to enhance employability 

Workshop participants were then invited to submit proposals for their creative enterprise ideas in order to be considered for a £3k seed fund from Re:Generation 2031 and 16 weeks of mentoring in connection with Creative Mentor Network. 

Five participants have successfully been awarded the seed-funding and mentoring, enabling them to further develop their creative business or project idea. 

Lasting Impressions by Hayley

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